Sewing Update

I’ve been very quiet about sewing lately.  There were things I had to do, like clear away some things that were in front of my sewing area.  Progress on that has been very slow.  I’ve also had a few moments of wondering if I should even bother with sewing until things got more stable with our situation.  The most important things for my husband to focus on right now are job hunting and his writing — his desk is in the same very small room as my sewing machine, so I don’t want to bother him.  With all the fabrics, patterns, and accessories I will have to buy, I also have been hesitant to really dive into things fully.  We’re doing fine at the moment, but I like maintaining that sense of comfort.  While continuing with the things I love is both healthy and important (just as important to my husband as it is to me — he enjoys seeing me working on projects), I also don’t want to dip into savings too much just in case it takes longer than we anticipated for things to get back to normal again.

I most likely won’t be able to attend a private costume dinner party this spring like I’d hoped.  I would love to try to make it to another event coming up this autumn — I’ll just have to see what I can get done by then.

For now, I’ve decided to just take my time.  Start off on some simple pieces that are affordable, and eventually work up to the bigger parts of the project, including whatever accessories I may need to acquire.  I have already put off sewing completely for far too long — it would be a shame to have to stop again before I even get started.  Surely, I should be able to do a little here and a little there over time.  It will unfortunately still be very slow progress with a lot of pausing and waiting in between.  That’s fine with me — whatever works!

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I have way too many interests and hobbies, and continually cycle through them -- paying attention to some, while others wait for when I can get around to them again. My main interests are sewing and costuming (I enjoy historical clothing, such as 18th and 19th century, as well as fantasy costumes like elves and hopefully someday even dwarves), as well as getting back to art by drawing fan art of Thorin Oakenshield and Company. My husband Christopher and I spend a lot of time together, enjoying the outdoors and shared hobbies such as juggling. This blog and website is my way to share what I'm up to with friends and family.
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3 Responses to Sewing Update

  1. Mary says:

    While I have no doubt you can accomplish whatever you can tackle, I understand all the mechanics at work here. It’s good to hear that you’ll keep your “toe dipped in the pond”, so to speak. Happy sewing!

  2. Yes, I definitely intend to try to work on sewing projects where I can. Fortunately, some of the first ones I have to do will allow me to get away with smaller amounts of inexpensive fabric or fabric I already have. I could of course use better fabrics, but for the first try with some of the smaller items that aren’t really seen it should work for now. Later, I can replace some of those pieces with better fabric 🙂

    Thanks so much for the reply!

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