Enjoying cooler weather and juggling

Juggling this past weekend -- for another photo and some videos, see the bottom of this entry.

I mentioned autumn was here and I’ve been enjoying it.  Since it’s been cooler, my husband Christopher and I made time for juggling this past weekend.

I didn’t know what to expect

Since I have fibromyalgia now, I honestly wasn’t sure I would be able to juggle for very long.  Clubs always smacked me in the hands and fingers pretty hard, and left a sting even before my sensitivity to pain.  Sure enough, I couldn’t juggle for too long.  I would end up shaking a bit if I kept  juggling without a little break.

It’s a shame, and a little frustrating, but I’ll just have to figure out my limits and really focus on what I want to work on so I can enjoy juggling for long enough amounts of time.

It’s been a while

We keep meaning to get back to juggling regularly, but you know how it goes.  There are only so many hours in the day, and we have so many hobbies and things we work on — sometimes things we love get put on hold.

Video and photos

We took plenty of video and photos, especially of Christopher.  It gave me a chance to warm up gradually, and not over do it too quickly.

I’m not posting any videos of me juggling online (especially since I’m not that great even when I do practice regularly), but I have two photos of me from that day on here.  I’ve also included a video of my husband juggling.

It was a lovely day!

We juggled at a park, and during one break I took some video of a duck that kept watching us, and a turtle I saw in the water nearby.  I put it online for some practice. I’m still learning how to edit video.  Forgive any choppiness — unfortunately my computer has trouble handling the HD quality and does that to the final version.  Also, sorry about the sound being so low or muted.  My husband didn’t know what I was doing and walked up talking.  I didn’t want that in the video, and didn’t want to add music, so I faded the sound out to nothing by the end of the video.

And yes, I was lying on the ground shooting video while Christopher juggled over me.  Got nailed in the shoulder really hard during one drop, but I trust him, and I’m used to getting hit by juggling props. *laughs*

I definitely need to practice more again, I'm so rusty! We also need to repair our poor old juggling props.


About Cynthia Griffith

I have way too many interests and hobbies, and continually cycle through them -- paying attention to some, while others wait for when I can get around to them again. My main interests are sewing and costuming (I enjoy historical clothing, such as 18th and 19th century, as well as fantasy costumes like elves and hopefully someday even dwarves), as well as getting back to art by drawing fan art of Thorin Oakenshield and Company. My husband Christopher and I spend a lot of time together, enjoying the outdoors and shared hobbies such as juggling. This blog and website is my way to share what I'm up to with friends and family.
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6 Responses to Enjoying cooler weather and juggling

  1. I love these photos of you! Thank you for having the courage to get on the ground and shoot video while I juggled over you. That stray club that hit your shoulder? Wind!

    (Oh, sure, it seemed like there was no wind, but it was a stray blast. At least that’s my story. Because I would never drop clubs, especially after a long break away 😉 )

    Thanks for a wonderful Saturday morning — I had a blast! And the duck and the turtles we saw were great, too.

    About as perfect as a morning as it gets…

  2. I know it was making you nervous, and of course that made you drop 🙂 (seriously! I’m not joking… I get nervous when I know people are watching me or taking videos, but especially if I knew I could potentially hurt someone I cared about if I messed up)

    It was a blast, and I hope we’re able to make juggling weekends more common again — hopefully even during the week on some evenings too!

  3. Mary says:

    Great entry. The pictures of you are so cute, and I enjoyed the duck/turtle video. Of course, a Chris juggling video is always fun, but I’m sorry he smacked you.

  4. Thanks so much, Mary! It was a blast. We had hoped to get out and juggle Sunday as well, but ah well… hopefully we can keep that excitement going and find the time at least once a week to always practice. It’s nothing like when we used to juggle constantly, but maybe someday we’ll have a house (without neighbors below us) and a nice big backyard. That’s what I keep my fingers crossed for, anyway! 🙂

  5. Amy says:

    Fun photos and video! 🙂 I didn’t realize you had fibromyalgia…that stinks. I’ve heard juicing can help a lot with that. Then again, juicing can help with a lot of stuff these days!

  6. Thanks Amy! Yeah, I only just recently posted about fibromyalgia. I think I’ve been hinting that there was something going on, and seeing doctors, but I didn’t really go into detail about it until recently.

    I know there are definitely things I should cut out of my diet (like caffeine… I’ve been told to cut it out for another issue I have. Argh! But while I may cut it back, it won’t be completely. I just can’t imagine life without coffee, tea, or chocolate! Ha!), it’ll just take some figuring out what works and how much.

    Thanks for the reply!

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