Muff for Bustle Gown

burgundy muff

See the link below for more information and photos on this project.

I decided to start making some garments to keep me warm while wearing my costumes.  It’s probably ironic that it was warm enough this past week that the air conditioner broke and the inside of my apartment was around 85 degrees F.

I decided to start with a muff, and I used a style where I can change the covers. I liked the way some of them looked, and it would allow me to have accessories match my outfits.

I don’t know when I might have a chance to pose for better photos in costume. I originally was hoping to have the cold-weather garments finished in time for a mid-February event. I have a bad feeling it might be too warm for my tastes to even wear a heavily layered costume, much less winter garments.

At least I’m making progress to add more accessories, especially useful ones, and they will help give me a little more diversity to my outfits as well.  I am hoping to attend more events this year, and although I have plans to sew more outfits, I have a feeling I’ll be getting sick of wearing the same costumes multiple times. Adding more accessories will help give a little something different to the ensemble and freshen it up for me, I think.

Here is a link to the costume page about the first muff version. I’m going to put all the various covers on this same page as well.

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2 Responses to Muff for Bustle Gown

  1. It’s so often the accessories that make things, and I love that you’ve been putting time into learning how to embroider and focusing on things like this. It really makes the things you sew stand out, and the muff is no different!

  2. Speaking of embroidery, I think it would be fun to do an 18th century version covered in embroidery 🙂 I’ll have to figure out what fabrics and colors I should use for my first one. Plus, I’ll need a cloak! You know I would also like to make the hand quilted outfit… do you think it’ll ever get cold enough for me to need all these cold-weather garments? 🙂

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