Sewing for upcoming events

I am working on a travel gown for an event coming up in May. The Dallas Ft Worth Costumers Guild (DFWCG) will be riding a train to Ft Worth in Victorian costumes.

I decided to work on a new bustle gown based loosely on a fashion plate in a book. The skirt will be plaid, and the bodice will be gray, with bits of black and white. I’m hoping to try something new with the bodice, doing some layering on the front — we’ll see if I pull it off.

I was nervous I wouldn’t find the fabrics I wanted, but I lucked out and found almost exactly what I needed! The other lucky parts were that they were all good prices, wider fabrics, and I was able to get a little extra yardage than I needed. Although I like to have different outfits, I also like being able to make a few extra things so I can mix and match and make my costumes last a little longer before I get tired of wearing them.

One of the other outfits I will need this July, is a dark costume for a party at the Costumers’ Lost Weekend. The theme is mourning, so although I will not be wearing a full Victorian mourning outfit, it will at least fit in well enough.

I have a lot of sewing to do for upcoming events this year — both for my husband as well as my own needs — and I also want to keep the budget small. Saving time and money will make things less stressful for me, and although I wanted to make something specific for the mourning party, I can get behind keeping things stress-free.

I’m really looking forward to this July’s retreat/mini-con. Not only will I get to see my friends without the worries of rushing around (we’re spread out across the area, and lately we’ve even been having out of town visitors joining us at our events), but we’ll be able to talk, share ideas and tips at the panels, and socialize and celebrate our hard work! It should be a blast, and will be one of the biggest costuming events I’ve ever attended. So I am definitely excited!

If you are interested, please check out the event pages and join us! We would love to have you!

DFWCG Costumers’ Lost Weekend

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