One more photo entry with video

Sorry for another non-costume post! I thought I’d make another one since I added more photos to those nature galleries since last time!

My husband went out with me to a park yesterday evening before the sun set, and I took more photos (this time of ducks, and a few of a rabbit) along with a video of ducks. I have a link to the YouTube video from one of the photos in the Flickr set, but thought I’d put everything together here as well. This was my first video on the new camera (a Nikon Coolpix P7100), so I was curious to see how it was to use in that situation.

I mentioned in at least one caption that the ducks were running around a lot. It was hard to get photos of them at first. I had to make some shutter speed adjustments (thank goodness I’d tried reading up on the camera — we used to do more photography, but it’s been so long and those were manual… not as many options as this digital camera), but since I was trying to get close-ups it was still hard to get the ducks in frame. Ha!

You can see just how much they were moving around in this video… and this was after they started calming down, too!


It was actually quite amusing, and a fun time. Although I still like to use our Flip cameras for video, I have to admit it was pretty smooth and easy to get used to the Nikon. The shape and size, as well as the larger viewscreen made getting used to it easy enough.

Here are two photos from the set, the rest are of course located on my Flickr account (the ducks here, the rabbit and one turtle here, and two test shots of the moon here):

Thanks for humoring me with this little change of pace! Hopefully I’ll get back to costume-related posts more — I need to stay away from the camera and focus on sewing anyway! 😉

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  1. Mary says:

    The ducks! They are busy and funny although I’m sure in their minds they are very serious. I love the foofy hair-do duck! And you got some really good shots (posted on Flickr). Nice moon.

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