DFWCG Costumers’ Lost Weekend Photos

chemise a la reine

See the bottom of this post for two group photos, and a link to the full Flickr album of photos from the weekend!

This past weekend was the Dallas-Ft Worth Costumers Guild’s (DFWCG) first mini-convention: Costumers’ Lost Weekend.

I have to admit, I am still feeling tired and have a lot to catch up on before I do more detailed blog entries, but I did put photos on my Flickr account from the weekend.

Just a few quick details I can share before I post the link to the photo album:

– Saturday during the day, we attended some classes on various topics (I wore the first costume I ever made — I still need to make a page for it).
– Saturday evening was the big costume party, with a “mourning” theme (the whole event started as a pity party idea because some of us couldn’t attend other big events, plus it gives us a chance to do costuming we normally don’t get to do).
– Sunday morning was the Time Traveller’s Brunch.

Sadly, the classroom and party photos were taken in the same room and we all had trouble getting shots that weren’t blurry. Sunday’s photos had great lighting since we were at a different part of the hotel and I love how those photos turned out.

Here are two group photos from Sunday:

dfwcg group photo

And you can click the image below to go to the Flickr album for the rest of my photos. Sorry if it takes me so long to put a more detailed post online!

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3 Responses to DFWCG Costumers’ Lost Weekend Photos

  1. Merja says:

    Yay! So many pictures! Your hair is amazing! It looks so perfect worn down with the gray dress. Just like in Victorian photographs. And the CalR is so pretty. What a treat to see other familiar faces too. Thank you for sharing. It looks like it was fun weekend.

  2. @Merja: Thanks! I wish we’d taken even more photos, but it’s so hard to remember when there is a lot going on. LOL! When I realized that was Jen, I thought she’d pulled one over on us if you remember her search for fabrics. I hope I didn’t squee out loud when I realized who it was and what she was wearing. It was SO cute!

    I actually almost didn’t take down my hair even though I’ve always wanted to take a photo in one of my bustle dresses, like you mentioned. Not only was it really hot that weekend, I’d done some experimenting with products and it messed up my texture a little. Easily tangled, it was everywhere, and a little dry-looking. Thankfully it was still easy enough to detangle, but hopefully I’ve learned my lesson about experimenting with products too close to an event. I’m looking forward to seeing how the photos from the booth turn out. There may be more photos from at least one other person in the near future. She’s doing them in groups and has to do editing on the party batch at least, I think.

    It was a fun weekend 🙂

  3. Merja says:

    Oh yes, I remember Jen looking for the fabrics so well and seeing her in the pictures gave me the biggest smile. What a fun surprise!

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