2012 DFWCG Georgian Picnic Photos

To see more photos from the picnic, see the link at the bottom of this entry!

November 17, 2012 at the Ft Worth Botanic Gardens, we held our 4th annual Georgian Picnic.

It was a blast! I can’t believe how many people attended this event. It’s really grown, and it’s such fun to get together with everyone.

You may recognize a few people. We had at least one out-of-state visitor, as well as someone from Finland! How cool is that? We’re all very happy that others want to join us, and hope everyone had a great time!

I didn’t make a new costume, and I didn’t finish anything for Christopher.

I did, however, make a new hat for my chemise a la reine and fixed a work bag/purse. I didn’t get any photos of me holding the bag (oops!), so I’ll have to try to get some good photos of that for the costume page. I only wish I’d brought a large enough mirror with me so I could tell I’d pinned my hat on a little off-center. D’oh! I also need to sew a comb to the front of the wig. The hat was heavy enough, that it kept pulling my wig back.

I wanted to hurry and get as many photos on Flickr as I could. I tried not to put too many duplicates, but I wanted to make sure I shared as many fun photos as I could. Christopher took most of the photos and he was such a sweetie that whole day. A HUGE thank you to him for being so patient and helpful!

Speaking of Christopher, he may be updating his Flickr account with some edited versions of the photos I posted. I don’t bother to do anything to the photos I put on Flickr, but he enjoys trying to make them look nicer. Update: Christopher edited some of the photos to really bring out the color. They’re posted on his Flickr album here.

So here is a link to the event photos!

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  1. Caroline says:

    The plumes on your hat are amazing! Love them!!

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