Costume Page Updates

I’m trying to get caught up with a few things this week, so I figured now would be a good time to work on the costume section here.

I didn’t make a new outfit for the picnic, but I did work on some accessories.

First, I updated the False Rump. You can see the page here.

Next, I wanted a new hat. Here is the page about it.

Finally, I took apart a purse I made in time for this past summer’s DFWCG retreat. I finally have a version I’m happy enough with. Here is the page for that item.

I felt a little rushed today, and it didn’t help that our modem kept cutting my connection off. I need to get to a few other things, but I definitely wanted to update at least a few of the costume pages I’m behind updating or getting online!

Finally, I’ll leave you with a pretty photo my husband edited for me. I’m sure those of you who have seen it already are tired of it, but I figured I’d at least post it here.

It reminds me of a hand-tinted antique photo of an Edwardian actress. How fun!

Christopher is really having fun with editing things. It makes me want to take more photos so he can keep practicing! 😉


About Cynthia Griffith

I have way too many interests and hobbies, and continually cycle through them -- paying attention to some, while others wait for when I can get around to them again. My main interests are sewing and costuming (I enjoy historical clothing, such as 18th and 19th century, as well as fantasy costumes like elves and hopefully someday even dwarves), as well as getting back to art by drawing fan art of Thorin Oakenshield and Company. My husband Christopher and I spend a lot of time together, enjoying the outdoors and shared hobbies such as juggling. This blog and website is my way to share what I'm up to with friends and family.
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4 Responses to Costume Page Updates

  1. Isis says:

    LOVE the hat!

  2. Thanks! It was so much fun to make and wear. 😀

  3. Merja says:

    I loved your new accessories! Especially the fabulous hat.

  4. Thank you, Merja! I wish I had been able to chat more with you and get a closer look at your outfit and accessories. I bet it would be awesome to sit down with you for an hour or two and get some tips. You do such amazing work! And someday, when I have the space, I daydream about making some pretty period shoes too! Seeing what others have made just inspires me! 😀

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