A project that will take a long time to make

I mentioned recently that I’ll be making a few changes, cutting back on some of my historical costume To Do projects, and learning some new things — all for a project my husband wants. This will be great fun, even if it’s making me very nervous. We haven’t worked on anything together for a long time.

My husband actually isn’t a costumer and never had any interest in it. He’s been sucked into my costuming world a little, and now there is something he really wants. And boy, am I excited — no complaints from me! I actually think he’s a close enough match for the costume.

He was a HUGE fan of The Hobbit when he was a child. He also liked the character of Thorin.

We went to see the movie, and when the character Thorin showed up on screen, I was intrigued. After the movie, as we walked back to our car I said, “So, this… Thorin character.” He grinned a really huge grin, and thus it started.

He wants a Thorin costume.

We’re going to have to learn some new skills, dust off some old skills (we used to work in a casting shop, and he made molds), and we’re going to take our time. I know some people can whip out a costume like this, but I’ve made the mistake in the past of not giving proper attention to his costumes and he doesn’t like wearing them, understandably. That’s partially why he has no finished costume at the moment, of any sort.

Besides, he has to lose some weight (we’ve been needing to get back into shape anyway, so why not have a goal to help?), and grow his hair out. Shame he had to cut it last year when he thought he’d have in-person interviews. Turns out, he didn’t need to and it would have been that long by now. D’oh!

We’ll probably end up making most of the items, and we’ll see what we leave out for comfort, and there are other items we’ll just buy. Like the Key to Erebor, which arrived yesterday.

We purchased it from Weta, and we’re very pleased with the item. It’s affordable, and he almost bought two because he thought we’d fight over it. He’s just been going around telling everyone it’s mine (not his), and I say it’s “ours.” I’ll lay claim to Orcrist — I desperately want that sword heheheh. The key has a nice weight to it and it’s fun to turn it over in your hands and look at the detail. It comes with a stand and looks nice with two books from the movie we have that show concept art, makeup photos, etc. We have them displayed on a shelf in our living room, and hope to add a few more fun pieces to the display. That’s where the key and other accessories will be when he’s not in costume.

I thought I’d post some of the photos of us opening our package. It may be a long while before enough of a start happens with this project, but we’re very excited. It seems fitting to start with the Key to Erebor.

I know this won’t appeal to many who follow this blog, but don’t worry! I still have some of my old projects I need to work on — those will get my attention. I am, however, cutting back on events as well as keeping control over my To Do List so I’m not tempted to keep adding projects. The Thorin Project will take a while, and will be a budget-hog, so I don’t want to end up frustrated and confused over what my focus is. There will be long periods of time where nothing will be happening. I’m not even sure if the basics will be finished in time for the last movie to be honest!

It makes me very nervous, worrying that I will fail miserably, and I want my husband to LOVE this costume. I’m even contemplating adding a little more to my elven wardrobe, and expanding the Thorin costume pieces as the movies come out (I’ve already seen another garment that caught our eyes).

Anyway, thanks for checking the entry out. I know many of my friends and family have already heard me babbling enough about this character and the movie and I do apologize. We’re hooked. We’ve been having such fun sharing the fandom on this one, and he is SO happy that I love the movie as much as he does. 🙂

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3 Responses to A project that will take a long time to make

  1. I definitely look forward to working on something together. It’s definitely something I’d have never done had I not known you, but being able to cast things and really work at this…it will be nice seeing it come together. I’m losing weight and growing my hair out, so hopefully it will all come together nicely.

  2. …and I look forward to any posts you may choose to write about it! The Hobbit was great fun, and to those who thought it too long I reply, “Pooh!” The key looks neat. I’ll be curious as to how you handle his armor and the metal tips to his boot-shoes.

    Very best, and go forth and adventure!

    closet Tolkien since youth, way back in the last Age

  3. I hope to be much better about taking in-progress photos and trying to share what I’ve learned or am doing. I’ve been a little bad about that, but sometimes I’m under such a deadline crunch thanks to my slow speed, I was more worried about finishing in time than messing with a camera. This project has no real set deadline (and I LOVE that), so we can take the time to research and acquire tools and skills. 😀

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