Finally inked a drawing

Unfortunately, I ended up skipping the event I made the accessory for. I never even finished putting ribbons on it. Perhaps another time. Maybe it will even give me a chance to possibly seal it so rain won’t ruin it (it was raining the day of the event — and my husband was also working over the weekend).

About the inked drawing…

I still feel incredibly clumsy, but I was able to finally ink something!

I use a brush when I ink (Windsor & Newton series 7 size #1), and in the past I was so used to doing that. I was perfectly comfortable using a brush and throwing down some lines in ink. However, when I inked Thursday, I felt shaky and even ended up with a death grip on the brush and my hand cramped. Not to mention, I could barely see (something I always had a problem with in the past, but it usually didn’t happen in the middle of working on art — mainly after I stepped away from the drawing table). Oof! I guess I really have a ways to go before I’m literally comfortable doing art again.

If I could offer any advice, it would be this:

If you have a hobby you love doing, don’t stop for too long. It’s really frustrating going back to it later, even if it’s something you’ve done most of your life.

I could obviously pick apart what I did, but I’m just going to say I’m happy enough that I did it and hope the person I drew it for is also pleased.

To read more about it, as well as see a bigger size (and a link to the sketch I worked from), go to my deviantART account.

View finished drawing here.

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