New Thorin Drawing For Fun

I have understandably not been feeling up to doing much the past couple weeks. I know it takes a little time sometimes to get back to your old self when bad things happen.

This past week was a little more frustrating. I wanted to get back to drawing (still not sewing for a while — in fact, not sure if I will be attending the event in mid-November or what I’d even wear. Might not know until the day before, or even right before the event), but I still have not fully regained decent focus (or caring too much), and I feel horribly awkward and annoyed.

So I needed to do something fun and see if I could try to draw something at least.

I was originally going to do a quick cartoon-style drawing, but I do think I like drawing the dwarves using this style the most now. I also was not sure if I should draw it in black pencil (darned sharpeners keep breaking the point off of those pencils… miss my old sharpener), or ink it. I needed to work quickly. So I ended up grabbing a couple art pencils. I usually only use pencil in quick outline form so I have something to work with later for inks. I haven’t tried drawing in pencil “seriously” in way too long. It was actually kind of fun! Now I want to pick up some more of those.

Anyway, yes… it’s a bit of a silly drawing — today is the birthday of a friend of mine, plus I love having images like this to use when needed (I left off the candles and other cake decorations so it could also be a generic cake for non-birthday sharing). I also made some mistakes since I had to rush it. I am having fun working out some of the details of Thorin and his costume and how I like to draw him. I still need to sit down and draw the pattern of his vambraces so I have that handy. By the time I get around to doing those, which is usually the very last thing, my vision has blurred to nearly double/out-of-focus and I can’t tell what’s what. *laughs*

But at least I drew. As usual, check out the link on deviantART for the full-size image and more information about the drawing itself.

View drawing here.

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  1. After some rough times, recently, I’d say you bounced back with something fun and so you 🙂

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