New Drawing: Thorin in Bree pencil

I’ve been slowing down again a little. I also have a lot of in-progress things, so I really need to try to focus and get to them!

I finally decided to just finish this drawing, even though there were still things I wanted to do with it.

View finished drawing here.

Here is some info about it on the deviantART page:

My husband and I were so excited when Desolation of Smaug started, and you saw Thorin stomping around the streets of Bree. We could have watched him wandering town for the whole movie in all honesty! I actually envision this happening after Gandalf left Thorin to think about what he said, and still wondering about his lost father Thrain. :( Poor dwarf!

I was feeling a bit down while working on another drawing of Thorin, and I pulled out some regular drawing paper and meant to draw something else… but this happened. And I kept adding to it and adding more… it was actually meant more as a distraction to keep me drawing and get out of my blah mood. I had fun with it, except a few sections, but I’m still happy with it. Especially how Thorin turned out. I’m still trying to push myself to draw backgrounds a little more. I wish I had inked this drawing, but since it was on thinner paper that’s not as smooth, I had to use pencil.

Drawn on Strathmore drawing paper, using a variety of art pencils (2H, 4H, F, HB, 3B, 4B, 6B, 8B… you get the idea… ;) heheheh). Photographed in B&W, and had a little trouble cropping out non-paper/drawing sections without losing detail of the drawing I wanted to keep.

Click through to see the full-size over on deviantART, as well as links to some of the blue line sketches.

I have another drawing of Thorin to finish soon, and I desperately need to get sewing as well. I feel like I’ve run out of steam! Oh no!

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My main interests are sewing and costuming (I enjoy historical clothing, such as 18th and 19th century, as well as fantasy costumes like elves and hopefully someday even dwarves), as well as getting back to art by drawing fan art of Thorin Oakenshield and Company.

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