First Drawing of Fili the Dwarf

Hmmm, it seems even when I try to focus and keep working on something things always pop up! For instance, when I finished this drawing of Fili (finally, took me long enough — I should have that put on a tshirt, right? heh), the next day I’d planned to work on some designs/concept stuff for an upcoming project… when…. ugh. I started feeling crappy. Took my temp and sure enough, I was running a low fever. And? Our a/c is doing its usual couple-times-a-year “not working, nope!” thing. I hate the heat. πŸ™‚

Anyway, this drawing was originally intended as a practice piece. Mostly to start forcing myself to build up photo references for another dwarf, and figure out how I wanted to draw him. It’s easier for me sometimes to use pencil, even though for so many years I drew with the intent of inking with a brush. It’s been fun getting used to pencilled art, and practicing with that again. Unfortunately, it meant something that should have gone rather quickly, took a little longer than planned (even with my usual breaks and stops).

From the dA page:

This was drawn on regular Strathmore drawing paper (11×14) first in blue pencil, then with regular pencils (F, HB, and 6B). I’ve been drawing Thorin so much (admittedly he is my favorite), I wanted to start getting used to Fili. I actually need to collect more photos of him for reference (oops!). Special thank you to FB Fili for being so patient and helping me find a couple detail refs I was having trouble finding. Lots of breaks between sections/parts, as usual for me these days.

You can see the original *very* rough sketch (before I fixed things I disliked about it) here,
and the blue pencil transfer the final drawing started from here.

View drawing here.

Now, hopefully yesterday’s “ick” will go away (still feeling a little off, but not as bad as yesterday), and maintenance will get my a/c running smoothly again. I want to get back to drawing, darnit! πŸ˜‰

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