Cynthia Griffith 18th century costumeAbout Me:

I have a wide variety of interests and hobbies.

Recently (thanks to The Hobbit movies), I got back into drawing again after a very long break. I never thought I would draw again, in fact. I enjoy drawing Thorin & Company for my own enjoyment (and to my husband’s great delight, being a fan of Thorin and dwarves since childhood). Perhaps Middle Earth (both the movies and the books) will continue to inspire me to keep drawing again. You can see finished art and sketches at my deviantART page.

I enjoy sewing, particularly historical garments, but I’m still fairly new and learning as I go along. I recently put all sewing and costuming on hold, but I am not finished with this hobby! I will get back to it again!

I am interested in historical clothing, but I am not a re-enactor and am not historically accurate (although I do try when I have time and the information is available — sometimes I just have to make do with “whatever works”). Here is a note about that.

About This Site:

I used to have my site at http://www.darthcynthia.com/ and updated frequently for a few years at least.  After a while, I just stopped doing anything with it.  I kept meaning to update the look, and even change the domain name… but I didn’t know what to do with it and kept putting it off.

My husband has his WordPress blog at http://www.thejugglingwriter.com/ and really likes it, so he recommended I try it.  So here it is, finally!  No more excuses — I can get back to enjoying my website and trying different things with it.

My old site used to have art galleries, and seemed to be more of a fan site than anything about me, really.  One thing I discovered, was that I wanted a site for me.  A site that friends and family could see what I was up to, and also to meet new friends!  Also, a site that could change as my interests changed.  I will probably talk about hobbies (I have way too many), and post links to things I find fascinating.


Various Photo Credits:

Thanks to all of the wonderful friends I’ve met online, and to those I have yet to meet! I look forward to many wonderful chats.  Best wishes to you all!

A very special thanks to my husband, Christopher, for inspiring me to have fun with my site again as well as helping me with ideas for blog entries.