Historical Accuracy and My Sewing

I am not a re-enactor.  I am merely interested in historical clothing, and learning how to not only make them, but I’m also still learning to sew.

It’s not that I would never do re-enacting or living history, but for the era I’m interested in, I don’t have the option where I live.  I also would most likely not have the time or money to invest in it.

I have nothing but the greatest respect for those who strive for as accurate as possible with their garments and accessories, but that isn’t my goal.

For the moment, I am merely trying to finish garments to be worn with my friends for private 18th century events.  I have even had to use my sewing  machine more often again since hand sewing was taking me too long.  I have also had to use non-period fabrics and techniques, and I’m fine with that.  Some day, once I’m caught up and have enough garments for myself and my husband, I will try to push myself more and see how accurate I can get with my sewing.

I do not claim to be historically accurate, and probably will never be even as I strive to learn more.  There will be things I will always do regardless, just because they work better for me and my needs.  I also will not expect my husband to go to any great lengths just to be more historically accurate (he likes his beard).

I just wanted to post this note to avoid any confusion, especially for anyone trying to do research.  My techniques are simply a mixture of what I learn and what works for me at the moment, even if it feels like I’m muddling through clumsily at times 🙂

Best wishes, and happy sewing and costuming!