My first 18th century pocket hoops

I was really pleased with how these turned out.  For some reason, I decided to go ahead and sew them all by hand.  The pattern was very easy to create from the book, and I didn’t have to make any changes to the design.  I’ll see how these hold up over time.

Patterns used:
Corsets and Crinolines, by Norah Waugh.

Fabrics used:
– White cotton for my first attempt.

Other materials used:
– White store-bought bias binding.
– White store-bought twill tape.
– Hoop steel.

All hand-sewn.


18th century pocket hoops

The finished pocket hoops, minus the final twill tape for the waistband.

18th century pocket hoops

Another angle of the pocket hoops. I replaced the ribbon with a twill tape.

Interior view of one of the pocket hoops.

Hoop steel

The roll of hoop steel I used for the pocket hoops.

18th century pocket hoops

18th century pocket hoops

18th century pocket hoops

Pocket Hoops

The pocket hoops collapsed and folded, ready for storage.

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