My first 18th century shirt

I wanted to make sure my husband was happy with his garments, and I started with his shirt.  There were sections I had some trouble with, or didn’t understand, but for the most part we’re both happy.  Next time, I hope to use a nicer fabric for the shirt, and chest and cuff ruffles.  He picked out some cufflinks he liked and wanted to use with the shirt. The best part of this project was his excitement — he wanted to see every bit of progress I made, and couldn’t wait to try it on.

Updated 10/14/12: I have changed the pleated shirt ruffles to a narrower gathered ruffle. I am also hoping to make a wider cravat. Sometimes you’re not sure how things will work out until the other garments are layered with it!

Updated 10/16/12: I finished a wider cravat to replace the original. It also has narrower hems since I used a hand sewn rolled hem.

Patterns used:
“Making a Men’s Shirt” Website.

Fabrics used:
– White cotton for my first attempt.

Other materials used:

Hand and machine sewing.


The finished 18th century shirt. There are things I would do differently next time, but for my first attempt we’re both pleased.

A closeup of the underarm gusset and the cuff of the 18th century shirt.

A closeup of the cuff and cufflinks my husband picked out to wear with the 18th century shirt.

The new wider cravat. I think it will help fill in the space and look nicer. The ruffles have also been replaced with gathered ruffles that aren’t as wide. I had trouble figuring out what would work better until the waistcoat was finished.

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