My first 18th century stays

My firsth 18th century stays

My first 18th century stays.

This was my first attempt at making 18th century stays.  There were a few issues with the fit, but so far they seem to be working and I’m very pleased with how they turned out.  I decided to use a book to make the pattern, but I changed the design a little.  It was a good experience, and I’m sure I’ll make more sometime in the future.

Patterns Used:
– Custom changes to Corsets & Crinolines, by Nora Waugh (page 39, 1730-1740).

Fabrics Used:
– Outer Fabric:  Shot silk.  “Marine” color (blue and yellow orange).
– Two interior Layers:  White bottomweight canvas.
– No lining.

Other Materials Used:
– Boning:  Cable ties, various lengths.
– Binding (top & bottom edges):  White store-bought bias tape.
– Regular thread (machine stitches on boning channels and connecting each of the 10 panels and 2 straps together; hand sewn eyelets, binding, and seam finishes).
– Ribbon (for the ties and spiral lacing).

Hand and machine sewing.


The tabs over the hips overlap when they’re like this, but spread out when I’m wearing them.

I removed the stomacher section from the Corsets & Crinolines pattern, and made it all one piece.

I used spiral lacing, and hand sewed the eyelets.

Sewing the boning channels for the cable ties.

Hand sewing the binding on the stays.

Hand sewing the binding on the tabs.

Hand sewing the binding on the tabs.

Sewing the binding around each of those tight curves is a little difficult. This took a while.

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