Noble Collection Thorin’s Sword Deathless

See below for more photos and my “not-a-review” thoughts about the Noble Collection Deathless sword.

First, I won’t necessarily call this a “review” — I’m not a sword expert (not even of the replica prop variety), and there is an excellent review at this link already.

That said, I still enjoy sharing what I think of items I have purchased (or been given as gifts, as is the case with this item).

Starting off, I’m really not doing an unboxing like I did with UC Orcrist, because there really wasn’t much to open with this one. Plus, it was Christmas Eve and too dark for photos. And I was kind of in shock, since I didn’t know my sneaky husband had done anything like this (well, although he says it was a gift for me, it was really a gift for us both 😉 heheh).

Some quick thoughts: Yes, as many have pointed out… this sword is painted to create a different look and weathering. I was very hesitant at first when I found this out, but it looks nice from a distance (and I’ve even gotten used to it close-up too). While Orcrist has a resin handle, this thing is all metal (something I’m reminded about when I grab the handle and it’s been cold…. brrrrr!).

I don’t know the stats off-hand, especially weight. Orcrist is longer, but I admit I have a hard time picking up and posing with Deathless. It’s not that I’m overly weak (although I have skinny little wrists, admittedly LOL), but it’s just an awkward weight. My husband even admitted it was weird to pick up and hold for him (he is bigger and stronger than I am). He especially really loves this sword, and can’t stop picking it up and posing with it!

It’s funny to say, but one of my bigger frustrations and disappointments with this sword is an odd one to mention. He purchased it from the WB Store, so perhaps there was just something different… but it did not come with anything to hang it with. No information, nothing (and who knows, maybe it fell out at some point?). Orcrist had a little information and the hardware (screw-in anchors for hanging on the wall). Again, this may just be something random… but during the holidays, and trying to hunt for the correct screw-in anchors… gah! After the 2nd hardware store (the first didn’t really seem to even know what I was talking about), we finally found some. That just BARELY fit. *facepalm* You have to work to get the screw heads to fit into the back of the plaque. Thankfully though as you’ll see below, the plaque itself is nice with metal slots on that part for hanging.

Okay…. enough basic babbling… on to the photos with some comments added to those:

Starting with the packaging, this is the next day at home slightly rearranged look at what arrived. It was wrapped a bit better than it looks here, but you see the foam insert in the shipping box, with light foam and cardboard wrappings protecting the actual sword and plaque.

Jumping back to Christmas Eve, this was my view as I (still in shock) had my first glimpse of my new sword. 🙂

It’s usually at this point that I can’t wait to hang everything up, but that had to wait and the sword spent a few days on the floor with my husband constantly picking it up and being a big kid, playing with it. 😉

This may seem a weird photo to share, but I like pointing out things like this in case people order them as gifts. This is the shipping box that arrived… now, I knew exactly what it was while it was covered in wrapping paper, so the shape of the box was a huge dangerous hint alone. But the company name is stamped on both ends of the box, so that would have been a confirmation. My husband had it shipped to his mother’s house (and she wrapped it there and kept it hidden from me when we visited), so I wouldn’t even have a clue any of this was going on at all.

The ends of the shipping box had this. Again, this was ordered from the WB Store, so who knows if other stores might include another box… the shape and weight are kind of giveaways if the hopeful recipient knows their family loves to buy them props from their favorite movies though. 😉

The entire sword is metal, and painted to create a different look and texture. You can still feel the cold of the metal through the paint, however. I’m not sure how sturdy it is — I’m being extra careful for fear it’ll get scraped up. I sure hope that’s not something to worry about, but then I guess a regular shiny sword risks scratches if you’re not careful enough.

The detail is amazing! I just love looking at it (and it sure would have come in handy in the past when I was trying to look at reference photos when drawing it in my fan art. Ha).

A little later in the day, and slightly different lighting….

Holding the sword and my iPad, it was hard to get a good shot of the designs on the end of the pommel. The end is split into an upside-down Y shape, so this design is on both sides of those ends.

Showing the close-up basic painting (a gray-ish silver base color, and darker weathering in the engraved markings and notches). I’ve heard some complain about it looking sloppy, and usually that sort of thing bothers me too, but I admit the painted metal/weathering look still doesn’t bother me or have anything that stands out and bugs me detail-wise.

The other side of the blade, with the cut-out design.

This might be my 2nd least favorite thing (behind needing to buy my own screw-in anchors to hang it). On Orcrist, the mark was subtle, but this stands out a bit. It’s small, but I’ve noticed when hubby holds the sword, I can tell which side of the sword I’m seeing. A slightly faded marking would have been far better and I think still visible enough.

These next couple, with the edge of the sword might be slightly difficult to make out, but I wanted to include them. This is a blunt sword. There are no sharp edges.

The bottom edge of the blade, close to the hilt.

The point-edge of the blade, with my hand for reference.

My husband’s hand — he is a big guy compared to me… bigger, stronger hands. The sword looks perfect in his hand.

My awkward balance the iPad while holding the sword photo. You can probably see the size difference between us and why I have trouble wielding it. 🙂

The front of the wall plaque. The gold-looking metal bands — I’m not sure how they are applied, and there is one short section on the right hand side that when you push on it does a popping-moving thing. I’m really hoping this doesn’t fall apart over time. In all honesty however, compared to UC Orcrist’s plaque, it seems sturdier in other ways. I even like how the hanging part just fits through the hole in the blade.

The back of the plaque. I love the metal reinforcements for where the screws fit, and the round velvet-y patch on the back was already on there and I think will help keep the whole thing from shifting and knocking against the wall.

And finally on the wall! The Noble Deathless hanging beside United Cutlery’s Orcrist. We love how they look, and even the different plaque designs doesn’t bother us one bit.

Sorry we didn’t take any photos of us holding the sword like we did with Orcrist. My poor hubby got sick and well, no one wants to see groggy, post-holiday, fighting off colds us. 🙂