The K Gown

18th century costume

The K Gown -- named after a friend who gave me the fabrics. The jacket is the main part of the outfit name since the green petticoat will be used with other jackets.

Patterns used:
Patterns of Fashion 1: 1660-1860 (page 26 , view C), by Janet Arnold.

Fabrics used:
– Unknown, gift from friend.

Other materials used:
– White cotton fabric for lining.
– Green fabric for cuffs (unknown, gift from friend).
– Hooks and Eyes.

Hand and machine sewing.

This outfit is named after a friend, Kaycee, who gave me a lot of fabrics that were used to make it.  The green petticoat will be paired with other jackets to help save time and give me a little variety.

There are a few errors I would like to fix on this pattern, especially if I make another jacket like it.

I need to be careful with the shoulder straps pulling out too much.  While fittings wearing a regular shirt worked fine, the shift has more fullness and causes the sleeves and shoulder straps to pull too much off my shoulders.  Also, I need to be careful just how tight I have the neckline of my shift tied — it was showing a little on the sides of the neckline.

Since I don’t want to use pins to close my jacket, I used hooks and eyes.  I thought I had fixed the top few, but they’re showing a little bit of a gap.

Also, the sleeves might be a little too long making the cuffs a bit low on my arms.  I’m not sure if I still like it this way or not.

Getting into this jacket is hard, especially if I am wearing the neckerchief.  There are a lot of bulky layers that move around too much, and the jacket is tight-fitting.

I decided to make the sleeves with the stripes going up and down, since the original in the drawing seemed to be made the same way.


18th century costume

18th century costume

18th century costume

18th century jacket cuff and mitts

18th century jacket cuff

Attaching the cuff to the 18th century jacket.

18th century jacket on tape dress form

The finished jacket on the dress form I used to help fit me -- the dress form is just a little bigger than me, so I have to be careful and do final fittings on myself.

18th century jacket on tape dress form

The back of the jacket on the tape dress form -- I also have to take into consideration any garments like pocket hoops. The pocket hoops won't sit properly on the dress form since it isn't long enough to support them.

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