Thorin’s Left Hand Rune Ring From Noble Collection

I recently was fortunate enough to receive Thorin Oakenshield’s left-hand ring as a Christmas gift from my wonderful mother-in-law. It’s from the Noble Collection, purchased through the Warner Bros Shop. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the service of that site, since it was a gift.

First, she ordered it as a surprise and couldn’t remember what size my finger was, and it was two sizes too small. So we had to figure out my size and return it for a replacement. I admit, I was a little nervous about that part — I was worried I still had the wrong size. This ring didn’t have quite as many size options. This was a size 10, while my Weta right hand ring was a 10.25 I think (and fits perfectly). The thing is, that one fits eeeever so loosely (better than tight, for my hands), but my right fingers are slightly bigger than my left, and that ring shape is also slightly different. I thought it might have a little more room naturally. Regardless though, the size 10 was perfect (an 11 would have been way too large).

She had also bought me the right-hand ring from Weta the previous Christmas, which you can see here.

When I first saw this ring a couple years ago, I wasn’t sure I wanted it. I so rarely buy or wear jewelry, and for the price… I admittedly was hesitant. Also, because it’s a beat-up looking ring, looked largish for my hand, and something that I wasn’t sure I would wear often. Also, since it looked a bit beefier I was worried it would bang into my wedding band, driving me crazy.

Like the other ring, however, once I had it on I realized how nice it was and that I could wear it regularly. I tend to wear it a little higher on my middle finger, with my wedding band lower, so the clanking-together of the two is minimized. They do come in contact, and if I had an engagement ring it might prove to be a little more of a problem (if that sort of thing bothers you, that is).

The one thing that does tend to bother me, is the interior of the ring. Since it is so beefy, much of the interior is raised, so it’s not a THICK chunk of metal all the way through. Which means, the ring feels like it’s sitting on two rails on your finger. If you have sensitive fingers (and I do, from Fibromyalgia), it might be a bit more irritating. I tend to have to remove the ring off and on, and put it back on after a few moments while I’m wearing it. Also, my fingers have issues with swelling, and with the way the band fits, it seems to cause that while my other two rings don’t. At least enough for me to notice.

That said, I do love this ring. I enjoy looking down at the runes (which, I believe are a blending of “Th” and “O” for Thorin Oakenshield), since this is a character I really like and has given me all sorts of great fun and memories in this fandom. I haven’t had a chance to wear it out in public as much like the other ring (which gets LOTS of compliments from people, especially older ladies who give me a funny look when I tell them what it is *laughs* adorable!). The texture and shaping are neat to look at — simple, but yet interesting and different. I admit, except for the fact I don’t want to be twinsies (not to mention, I don’t know if they even offer it in his size), but this ring would look very handsome on my husband’s hand! He really seemed to love it when he saw it as well.

The box it came in is also very nice, and looks great where I keep it with the other ring (I keep the rings in their boxes on a shelf with other Hobbit memorabilia). I don’t mind the differences, in fact I like that they’re not exactly alike.

So here are some photos:

The ring in the box. This box has a hinged lid (the other box from Weta for the right-hand ring has a lid that slides off).

Trying the replacement ring on in a better-fitting size for the first time. πŸ™‚

A close-up of the runes (and you can just make out one of the interior edges I mentioned).

Another interior shot, showing some of the markings and the “rail-like” edges.

Another interior shot, showing some of the markings, as well as some of the outer shaping and texture.

All of the packaging — the ring box was inside the cardboard box, with the outer sleeve covering it. I never got to see how the shop shipped it, as it was a gift.

The ring box is pretty nice, with the plate on top showing art from the map and the movie title.

The Noble Collection rune ring box next to the Weta box for the right-hand ring.

They make nice little additions to a Hobbit fan’s display. πŸ™‚

I leave them closed, since my place is so dusty (I can dust and not even 5 minutes later, there is dust everywhere *sighs*). Also, the Noble box can tip back easily, especially once the ring is removed.

So this is a nice ring, and I look forward to wearing them together for a long time! πŸ™‚