Thorin’s Right-hand Ring

The Weta replica ring of Thorin Oakenshield (see below for more photos).

My husband has large hands, so I knew there would most likely be no way we would be able to buy a replica to fit on his right middle finger. I also had no idea what size the ring would be overall — the movie replicas obviously have to work right for dwarf-size on screen.

We will have to make our own replica ring for his Thorin costume.

That said, I do like to purchase a few nice replicas for display and they can be helpful to get an idea of how anything you might need to make yourself looks in person or from photographs. So, I thought getting the Weta ring in my size (U/10.25 for my right middle finger) might be a fun idea.

My wonderful mother-in-law, Mary, bought me the ring for my Christmas present!

To be honest, before I saw it in person, I thought the ring might be too large or too obvious for me to wear outside of movie openings or conventions. When I saw it and tried it on, however, I realized that would not be the case and it seems — to our eyes anyway — like more of an everyday take on a piece of jewelry from a movie.

In fact, while wearing it after opening my present, even Mary commented a few times on what a neat ring it was. A non-fan of the movie liked how it looked. So, I think I may be able to wear it more often than I thought when I’d first seen it on Weta’s website, without it screaming “hey, look at the Thorin fan!”

It comes with a very nice box. Here are a few photos of it and the box, along with some images to hopefully give you an idea of size. I don’t have slender hands, they’re more average I think. It sounds weird, but it looks bigger in the photos to me than it does while I’m wearing it.

The very lovely wooden gift box the ring comes in. The ring itself was also sealed in a very small ziplock-style bag for extra protection. Since this was a gift, I’m not certain how the whole package arrived.

The box slides up, with the base as the ring holder.

The ring with a tape measure (sorry for the slight blurriness — between the tape measure not laying flat, and trying to get good lighting, this was the best I could do at the time).

And of course, me wearing it. Like I mentioned previously, it feels and looks more subtle in person. I’m curious if anyone will notice me wearing it, or at least what it is unless they get a closer look (or know the ring from the movie).

Another view of the ring, showing the band width a little as well.

You can see the sodalite stone glowing a bit inside the cage/framework.

It’s a little hard to see, but I love the angled edges around the outside of the band. A great, yet simple, detail.

The underside of the ring, showing the sodalite. I love blue, so this works well for my personal tastes too! 😉

So  yes, I’m very happy — not to mention, incredibly thankful for such a lovely and thoughtful gift! Thanks so much, Mary! 😀

Edited to add: I believe the Noble Collection version’s band has a cutaway on the bottom, as well as the actual movie ring. Now that I’ve worn this ring (even while holding my collectible swords Deathless and Orcrist), I understand why the band has a cutaway right on the bottom. It tends to get in the way for gripping things like that. For a regular, everyday wear ring though, I really like the band on this one.






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