Both of my parents were interested in art, but I remember my mother especially drawing and painting. Since I’m the youngest in my family (by a decade!), the minute I was old enough to hold a pencil, my mom would spend the day showing me how to draw.

I was constantly drawing, up until a short period of time where I needed a break from it for personal reasons, as well as learning how to sew. When we moved to our current place, we ended up with less space than we’ve ever had and I needed to choose what to pack away and what to leave out. Sewing won, and my drawing tools continued collecting dust.

I have a deviantART account, where I am going to put my current interest — dwarves! My husband got me hooked on The Hobbit movie which inspired me to get back to drawing again, and I wanted some place different to host the art this time.

I have old fan art (hockey and Star Wars, along with some miscellaneous art) on my old website. I have not added it to the deviantART account yet, because I want to keep them separate. I got to the point where I started getting sloppy and just cranking art out for an update. I don’t want to do that this time around.

It’s very strange feeling so clumsy and almost struggling — when I stopped drawing, I was at my best. It can be very frustrating when your hands won’t work like they used to, so it’s been slow-going finishing art and rebuilding my gallery. Of course, part of that is still getting my drawing area set up, replacing old supplies, and balancing all my hobbies and everything else. The fact that I still take little breaks to focus on different things means a constant and annoying cycle of getting back into practice again.

I only draw for fun these days, but I have had a close call with this fan art — it had been selected for possible inclusion on the documentary that’s on the Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition DVD. Sadly, it didn’t make it to the final cut (which I knew would be a very high probability, as they gather as much art as they can find before editing things down for a final cut). You can read a little about that here. While I am no longer interested in freelancing or self-publishing my art again, I would definitely work with them again if the possibility was there for another one. 🙂

And you can see some animated art progression here:

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