Dragon Sickness Thorin Inks Progress

Since this drawing took me a little while longer to finish, and I have a habit of scanning each day’s progress, I ended up with quite a few images from start to finish. This is not a step-by-step tutorial image. I tend to jump around to give my eyes a break from tiny details, or allowing sections to dry before adding more.

Speaking of giving eyes a break — I do apologize for the blue line sections. It’s very difficult to get those dark and clear enough to see, but they are faintly there. I also included a few text images explaining two drawing stages (rough sketch, & final drawing).

This image might be a little large, but it’s a looped animation. Thank you so much to my husband, Christopher, for putting it together for me!

If you’re having trouble seeing the whole image (I work on a huge monitor and sometimes can’t tell what’s too large for the average screen size), try right clicking/view image and see if that sizes it better for your screen.

And you can see the full-sized image, with information on what I used, at the deviantART link here.