I’m a little sad to admit that it took me a while to update this page with any information about this hobby. As much as I enjoy juggling, I simply don’t do much with it anymore. It’s really more important to my husband, Christopher, than it is to me. But while comic books and art are how we met, juggling is how we first spent time together as a couple!

I first learned some basic juggling in elementary school during some sort of P.E. unit in the gym, teaching various types of simple 3-pattern juggling. I found out Christopher knew a lot more juggling and I asked him to show me more. We were almost constantly out juggling together for a long while, but over the years it’s become almost nonexistent for me. Part of that is lack of private space to practice, but mostly it’s because of fibromyalgia which really causes a lot of pain in my hands. 🙁

I’m sure I’m not finished with it, but like many other things I adore or am interested in, I’ll get back to it another time.