I’ve had various musical interests since I can remember. My family had an upright piano in the living room when I was young.  I remember trying to teach myself how to play it.  I didn’t get too far, but it was fascinating.  Although I wanted to learn the violin in the 6th grade, I took choir.  I enjoyed it, but I wanted to play an instrument.  In 7th grade, we moved to a school district that didn’t teach things like violin, so it was probably a good thing I tried choir first.  I did get to play alto saxophone, and in 8th grade I switched to tenor saxophone.  I actually didn’t take band in high school, so except for playing on my own, I didn’t get to do anything else with music at school.  I still had an interest in music, so shortly after graduating I finally bought a violin (I no longer have my saxophone — maybe someday I will buy a tenor saxophone).  I tried to learn fiddle (Irish music) for about a year, and then I had to sell the instrument.

Several years passed, and I still had an interest in learning.  I bought another fiddle and got back to work.  It was difficult trying to figure things out on my own since I wasn’t used to strings (especially the bow).  I tried to relax and have fun, but I started struggling with pain that turned out to be fibromyalgia — practice sessions got shorter and shorter, to the point where I rarely ever touch my poor fiddle and it stays stored away safely now. I had almost signed up with a good school to learn the harp (I had struggled with trying to pick between the two instruments for about the same amount of time in my adult years), and I admit I wish I had done that instead. I do miss having music in my life, even if it’s just playing on my own.