My birthday is Halloween, so it’s no surprise I love costumes.  What is amazing is how long it took me to actually start learning to sew.  My mom tried for years to find ways to interest me, but I was mainly interested in the final product.

These days, however, I love working on a project.  I enjoy looking for paintings, fashion plates, and photos for inspiration.  Working on the project itself is a great joy to me, and while it is great to finally have a finished costume to wear, I’m actually sometimes a little sad that it’s over.  Until I start the next project, that is!

I had to stop sewing for a little while, but I’m hoping to get back to it soon.  I’m still learning how to sew, and I’m sure every time I finish something I’ll see something I made a mistake on or wish I had done differently.  That’s how you learn, though!

I have always loved Victorian (especially the bustle eras) and 18th century clothing.  I will most likely focus on those styles, and my love of dwarves, elves, and Middle Earth will probably get some attention as well. 😉

I will probably never be as detailed, accurate, or even as good as some of the people out there creating amazing garments.  I’m mainly interested in giving it a try, having fun, and getting to wear something I made.

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