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I started getting back into art again (2013), thanks to The Hobbit movies — you can find some of my fan art here:


Since my site is currently focusing on sewing historic clothing, I will have photos of various costume events here:


I honestly never thought I would ever post videos online, but I discovered a lot of people wanted to see more detail about knotting and knotting shuttles. I may not get many chances to post “how-to” videos, but I may post a few — I have found it very helpful to find so much information on the Internet about how to do or make things. Although I don’t consider myself an expert, I thought I would help where I could, even if it was simply to convince someone to try something they were nervous about!  I also know there may be opportunities to post event videos as well.

Below are a few links to different video pages. Some pages, like the Knotting Shuttle Video page have so many videos embedded, it just made sense to keep it separate.