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Finally, the Rune Ring review

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to posting photos. I received this ring for Christmas, but since it was a surprise, it ended up being too small and we had to return it for another size. Once … Continue reading

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My not-a-review of Noble Collection Deathless Replica Sword

Keeping up with the past couple items I’ve covered, I just added my thoughts with lots of photos of the Noble Collection’s Deathless Replica Sword of Thorin Oakenshield. You can see the item here: Noble Collection Deathless Replica Sword I’m … Continue reading

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Christmas 2013 Gifts

To be honest, I wasn’t really much in the mood for the holidays. After the year I’ve had, I was just feeling a little “meh,” not to mention my poor husband has been working so much overtime. We don’t really … Continue reading

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Bad news, project update, and an early birthday present

For those who know me, or follow my Facebook page, you probably saw that I lost my brother this month. Death itself can be a hard thing to work through, and the circumstances behind my brother’s death were very hard … Continue reading

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A project that will take a long time to make

I mentioned recently that I’ll be making a few changes, cutting back on some of my historical costume To Do projects, and learning some new things — all for a project my husband wants. This will be great fun, even … Continue reading

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Sgian-Dubh Review

I’ve wanted a sgian-dubh for quite some time, now, and I wanted that sgian-dubh to be unique. Enter Joe Gondek. Joe Gondek makes nice things. Joe is a historical re-enactor who made a sporran I previously reviewed. This time around, … Continue reading

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Knotting Shuttle Review

It seems so funny — I really never thought I would get into embroidery, yet I’m constantly considering even the simplest designs I can do quickly when I start working on a new project. I’ve been purchasing embroidery supplies, and … Continue reading

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Clear packing tape dress form

I held off posting about this until I had a chance to use it for the first time. I mentioned recently that a friend of mine, Jen Thompson, wanted to try a different type of tape to make a dress … Continue reading

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My 18th century shoes and stockings

I thought I would do an entry about my shoes and stockings since I have been getting so many compliments about them! It took a while to decide I wasn’t sure at first, before I had really looked around the … Continue reading

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Conferences: More Than Just Technical Tips

There are many reasons a project can come to a screeching halt: Lack of inspiration Unsure of how to organize something Confusion of what your goal is or what to do next Burn out Being too busy Sometimes you can … Continue reading

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