Below are links to photos and information about some of the garments I have made.  Some have more detail than others, because I finished the garments before I created this website or haven’t yet had a chance to take photos and gather information about them.  I also have a Costume Event Photo Page, that has photos taken at various costuming events with friends.

I am still in the process of learning to sew, as well as learning about historical garments.  I am not at a 100% historically accurate sewing level yet.  I don’t know if I will ever get there — I just know I enjoy sewing, and I love clothing like this.  I push myself outside of my comfort zone just enough to learn something new, yet ultimately I want to be happy with what I make.  It also helps to have knowledgeable friends who can give you tips! 😉

18th Century

19th Century

  • My first late bustle ballgown (Truly Victorian patterns).
  • An evening bodice to match the previous bustle gown skirts (Truly Victorian patterns).
  • My first Victorian corset (Laughing Moon pattern).
  • My first late bustle (Truly Victorian pattern).
  • My first petticoat (Truly Victorian late bustle pattern).
  • My first combination undergarments (Truly Victorian pattern).
  • My first reticule/purse to match the burgundy ballgown (my pattern).
  • Plaid Reticule to match a plaid bustle gown (Simplicity 9966 pattern).
  • Black Reticule (Simplicity 9966 pattern).
  • Plaid Travel Gown (Truly Victorian patterns).
  • Gray Bustle Skirt — to match previous travel gown bodice (Truly Victorian pattern).
  • 1880s Talma Wrap for bustles (Truly Victorian pattern).
  • Small 1880s Bonnet.
  • My first attempt at a Regency Stovepipe Bonnet (my own pattern).

Dwarf Costuming & Replica Props